PSI Platform

Discover the benefits of reliable and flexible Java-based platform that provides a variety of features and high availability. The software development leverages the best of more than 50 years of experience and provides a solid foundation for all PSI products.



Configure your software easily with PSI-Click Design

  • Through modern Java-based GUI technology, graphical user interfaces can be quickly and easily adapted to customers’ needs. Click Design technology provides flexible adaptation to current workflow standards and enables configuration through a browser and rich client application based on technology WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere).

Use your applications in every environment

  • Following the WORA principle which ensures cross-platform consistency in functionality and graphics, the interface remains identical regardless of the environment. The appearance and layout of the user interface remain consistent across desktop, mobile and rich client applications. Thanks to responsibility system adjusts flexibly to the appropriate screen size. Some applications are also available on terminals with android system (e.g. PSIwms).



Create added value through artificial intelligence

  • The PSI platform offers a proven basis for the successful use of artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial software products. By selecting the best optimization method depending on the operation purpose, our Industrial Intelligence solutions ensure maximum customer benefit. With the help of industrial AI algorithms, such as Fuzzy Logic, you can make your business processes even more efficient, productive and economical. At this page you will find more examples of PSI's AI application.



Design your business processes simply and individually

  • Use BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) to display your individual business processes and workflows graphically and clearly. This allows the modification of lean and efficient processes for fast implementations and adjustments. The user interfaces and dialog models derived from this can also be flexibly configured with PSI Click Design.




Flexible software

We ensure seamless interoperability with different operating systems, databases and provide seamless connectivity to your existing server environment. We customize cloud computing solution for specific customer requirements.

Efficient integration

The data management and integration bus (Enterprise Service Bus, ESB) ensures service integration and data exchange between PSI and third-party services and products. This enables flexible communication between different applications.

Easy modification

Customers and partners can develop and integrate their own applications using PSI Click Design and BPMN. The open platform also allows individual modules to be replaced independently, migrations or upgrades.




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