PSI Technology Platform

Functionality and Reliability

Discover the benefits of the reliable and flexible PSI platform based on Java technology, offering diverse functions, high availability, and reliability. The developed software utilizes over 50 years of the company's experience and provides a solid foundation for all PSI products.
Intuitive system interfaces

Configure the system - PSI-Click DesignConfigure the system yourself with PSI-Click Design

The intuitive Java-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) editor allows user interface customization and minimizes dialog boxes to essential elements. Click Design technology provides flexible customization to existing work standards and allows configuration through a browser and rich client application based on WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) technology.

One system on multiple devicesWork with one system on multiple devices

According to the WORA principle, which ensures multi-platform consistency of functions and graphics, the user interface remains identical regardless of the environment. The look and feel of the user interface is consistent across desktop, mobile, and rich client applications. Its responsiveness allows the system to flexibly adapt to the appropriate screen size. Some applications are also available on Android terminals (e.g. PSIwms).

Responsiveness and consistency of the system
Efficiency through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithmsOperation based on artificial intelligence algorithms

The PSI platform effectively utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in software design. By choosing the best optimization method depending on the purpose, solutions that shorten warehouse compilation processes or optimize production planning bring measurable benefits to the client. With AI algorithms such as Fuzzy Logic or Machine Learning, business processes can be made even more efficient and economical.

Design your business processesDesign your business processes simply

The built-in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) clearly represents individual business processes and data flows. The application allows for flexible configuration of models and modification of processes to manage change more efficiently and effectively. The graphical representation of these actions can be easily customized using Click Design.

Business Process Model and Notation
Systems tailored to the client

Systems tailored to business needs

Flexible software

Flexible software We ensure seamless cooperation with various operating systems, databases, and smooth connection with the existing server environment. We tailor suitable cloud computing solutions to the specific requirements of the client.

Smooth integration

Smooth integration The data management and integration area (Enterprise Service Bus, ESB) facilitates the exchange of data between PSI and the services and products of other companies. This enables free and secure communication between different applications and the introduction of new services and updates.

Easy modification

Easy modification Thanks to PSI Click Design technology and BPMN models, PSI system users can easily modify processes and integrate their own applications. The open platform also allows independent replacement of individual modules, updates or migrations.

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